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Chips & Dip

3 September 2018 It’s finally here: game week in the NFL! By now, you have probably already drafted the team you are dreaming of winning a fantasy championship with. It’s always around this time of year where things in life start to move quicker then normal and the countdown for Sundays become a ritual. Read…Continue Reading »

Below the Rim

4 September 2018 TAKING THE STAND PROSECUTOR: Your Honor, I’d like to call the defendant to the stand. JUDGE: Proceed. (Defendant takes stand) BAILIFF: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? JOE BANDWAGON: You bet. GO BOWS! PROSECUTOR: Mr. Bandwagon, you are accused of being…well, a bandwagon…Continue Reading »

Going Deep

A Hawai’i football blog by the voice of Rainbow Warrior Football. 13 September 2018 The longest road trip of the 2018 season is this Saturday’s game against Army. It represents the second option team Hawaii will have faced in the last three weeks, and the Rainbow Warriors are hoping for a similar result to their…Continue Reading »

At the Net

A Hawai’i volleyball blog by the voice of Rainbow Warrior & Rainbow Wahine Volleyball. 12 September 2018 Week three for the Rainbow Wahine saw their first and only non-conference tournament of the 2018 season. This would have been the second one in these first three weeks, but Hurricane Lane had other ideas. This tournament didn’t…Continue Reading »

Prep Work

A HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS BLOG 17 September 2018 In Girls Volleyball, Kamehameha, Iolani, and Punahou are 1, 2, and 3 in the rankings.  No surprise there.  Mililani is No. 4, but in a match-up against one of the top 3, the Trojans would be considered underdogs.  The talent in the ILH, particularly with those schools,…Continue Reading »